Equity Housing Group

Our Priorities

Our Vision:

Delivering Homes; Inspiring Lives

Our Mission:

We meet local housing need through providing homes, enabling affordable home ownership and investing in our communities

Equity’s Corporate Objectives 2018-2023


Invest in building sustainable homes and places where our customers can thrive.

Our key purpose is to continue to meet housing need. We have adopted a strategy focused around growth, and strongly believe the best way we can support the community is through the provision of new affordable housing into the communities where we operate.

As a housing association with a strong reputation of growth and development, we want to continue to build sustainable homes in communities where our customers can thrive, and invest in our existing stock to ensure we constantly look to tackle the housing need in those communities in which we operate, whilst building on our history and expertise in affordable home ownership.


Understand our diverse customers and deliver high quality, tailored services.

Customers are always at the heart of everything we do, which is why our approach to customer service always has their needs at the forefront.

Acknowledging our limitations as a medium sized organisation with dispersed stock, we have reorganised our front line services allowing us to reduce complexity for our customers, giving one point of contact for addressing their service needs.

Over the past few years we have invested heavily in our digital capabilities and are pursuing a channel-shift agenda by adopting digital by default approach for our customers. This approach will ensure we modernise our customer offering and drive down costs, while providing extra capacity for us to tailor services to meet the needs of vulnerable customers.

We aspire to being an insight-led organisation to better understand and respond to the needs of our customers and our business. This insight will allow to continuously review our services to maintain the focus of resources on what matters most.


Support our customers’ wellbeing, and help grow the capacity of communities to address the challenges they face.

We acknowledge that we are a medium sized organisation with dispersed stock, so we have reorganised our front line resource into geographically based patches. This means that local knowledge and partnership working is able to be enhanced, helping us to support our customers’ wellbeing as part of ensuring we meet their housing need.

As a socially conscious business, we also want to help grow the capacity of our communities addressing the challenges they face. We commit 5% of our operating margins to social value projects in communities, with plans to increase this to 10% over the coming years. By doing this we continuously champion social enterprise as a sustainable model of social change.


We are always looking at ways to grow the business. 

We have grown our asset base through the development of much needed new homes, developing units which provide sufficient security for future borrowing to enable ongoing achievement of our growth aspirations.  We have also considerably grown our business-to-business sales service, capitalising on our unique offering of expertise and capacity in the development, sale and management of home ownership products.

Our income growth ultimately enable us to not only fund more development, but also ensures we improve our margins and therefore increasing our contributions and support of social value projects.


Maintain a commercially viable and sustainable business, driving surplus to fund the delivery of new affordable homes.

We believe that our fundamental accountability is to the wider communities in our areas of operation, and there is an expectation that, as a charitable organisation supported by public funding, we will maximise our efforts to meet housing need in the areas where we work.

We take seriously our responsibility to maintain a viable business and protect the public money tied up in our social housing assets. We also feel strongly about the need to adopt a commercial approach in order to drive surplus to deliver on our core purpose of meeting housing need.

With an accountability to the community, we know we have an obligation to spend our money wisely on behalf of all. We are working to reduce our costs and improve our operating margins, while improving our return on investments. We will adopt robust risk management processes and maintain regulatory compliance throughout our operations.

To download a full copy of our Corporate Plan 2018-2023, please visit our website or click here to download.