Equity Housing Group

Regulatory judgement overview

Equity underwent an In-Depth Assessment by the Regulator of Social Housing in 2018, which resulted with us being downgraded to G2 and regraded to V2 in July 2018.

A copy of our full Regulatory Judgement can be accessed by clicking here

We acknowledge the outcome of the judgement and continue to work closely with the Regulator of Social Housing to address their findings. Significant progress has been made in addressing a number of the issues raised within the judgement, with work continuing to focus on:

• Improving governance arrangements, including refreshing the make-up of the Board

• Strengthening the internal controls framework

• Working to reduce risk through lessening the dependency on first tranche sales.

Our Board has taken this opportunity to review its strategic direction. In order to ensure Equity’s future objectives are met in the most efficient way, we are now seeking a merger partner. A partner who shares our determination to drive efficiencies, add additional growth opportunities and continually improve the customer services we offer, whilst strengthening our organisational resilience.