Anti-Social Behaviour Awareness Month

July is our Anti-Social Behaviour Awareness Month. Anti-social behaviour (ASB) includes a variety of behaviours that can have an impact on the quality of community life. Equity Housing Group is committed, in conjunction with partners, to deal with ASB.

We expect residents living within our neighbourhoods to be good neighbours and seek to create sustainable neighbourhoods whereby people from all backgrounds and groups can exist side by side within a culture of co-operation and respect.

Anti-social behaviour can include, assault, harassment, intimidation, verbal abuse, drug related activity, vandalism or damage to property, and noise nuisance.

Some behaviour that is affecting you, but isn’t generally classed as ASB would include:

  • Normal activities within the home at reasonable times of the day eg: hoovering, DIY, closing doors, people walking around, hoovering, using a washing machine.
  • Normal noise caused by children at reasonable times of the day.
  • Staring or looking at another person unpleasantly.
  • Parking on public highways.

In these situations we would expect you to approach your neighbour in the first instance to talk about the issue and how you can agree to resolve it or come to a suitable compromise.

For more information about reporting anti-social behaviour and the support our dedicated team provides customers, click here.