Customer Feedback and Compliments

Feedback from customers is hugely important to us and our satisfaction survey is only one of a number of different methods we use to understand how our customers are feeling. Another way in which we monitor feedback from customers is through our Customer Feedback team.

Last year Equity received 103 formal complaints from customers across a number of different service areas. 100 of these complaints were resolved within Stage 1 (Investigation by our Customer Feedback team) of our complaints procedure. We are committed to resolving customer complaints at first point of contact, and as a result it’s pleasing to note that only three complaints were progressed to Stage 2 (Investigation by Service Area Manager/Specialist) of the complaints procedure.

The majority of the complaints we received were about our repairs service as well as complaints relating to the levels of service customers had received. It is important for us to understand when the services we provide are not performing as they should so that we can make the necessary improvements or service enhancements.

As a result of some of the feedback about our repairs service, we have procured a new and exciting contract with Fortem, which commenced on 17 June 2019. Whilst we use complaints as a great way to measure feedback from customers, we also take the opportunity to review the compliments we receive as well. These also give us a great understanding of what is working and what could be replicated elsewhere across the Group.

“My Customer Relationship Manager has made such a difference, we have been kept informed about changes throughout the process and we are very appreciative of that”
Equity Customer