Merger update

Over the past year we have taken the decision to explore the possibility of finding a potential merger partner with another like-minded Housing Association.

This has been a decision we have been considering for some time and we are now in a strong position to instigate discussions ourselves and forge a strong partnership that secures long term benefits for our customers and one that meets our high-level objectives of delivering better customer service and developing more affordable homes.

The selection of a merger partner has been a robust and stringent process, with a number of customers from across the Group becoming involved in visits to the final two shortlisted companies.

Along with colleagues and shareholders, customers were given the opportunity to ask questions and challenge those answers given, to better understand how a merger with any said company would affect them as a customer.

Following visits to the final two shortlisted companies, they were both invited to attend an interview with a selection panel, made up of a number of Board members and the Executive Team at Equity.

We are pleased and excited to inform you that the Board selected Great Places Housing Group as our preferred potential merger partner in May 2019.

Throughout the remaining months of 2019 and early 2020, we will be undertaking due diligence and working closely with Great Places to create a new combined vision that brings the two organisations together to deliver better services and more affordable homes.

We look forward to being able to update you further over the coming months. If you have any questions or queries, please submit using the form below:

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