Equity’s new housing management system is arriving

Over the summer, Equity will be launching our new housing management system in partnership with Aareon.

Although you, as a customer, will probably not see any immediate changes to the way you contact us, you will hopefully begin to notice changes to the speed in which we are able to execute your requests.

Our new system will ensure all of the information that we hold on you and your family as customers, is stored in one place and meets the strict guidelines in relation to GDPR requirements.

You can still contact us using your usual methods of contact, but between the 22 July and 2 August, you may find that we aren’t able to carry out all of your requests, or that we may take a little longer than normal to execute them. Please do not worry, this is due to us switching from our existing system across to our new system, ready for launch on Monday 29 July.

You will still be able to report your repairs via our Repair and Maintain website by visiting – www.repairandmaintainservice.co.uk, this process will not be affected by the switching of systems.

Customer portal – we need you!

For those customers who also use our customer portal via our website, we will also be switching this off on Monday 22 July,as our current portal will be disconnected from our current housing management system.

We will be launching our new customer portal and app in October 2019, which will give you the ability to:

  • Pay your rent online
  • View you rent account
  • Report Anti-Social behaviour
  • Report a repair
  • Update their details
  • Manage their tenancy

We will communicate a ‘go live’ date for the new app to you in our next newsletter.

If you currently use our online portal via our website, we have an opportunity for customers to join our testing group to put the new portal through its paces. We would like interested customers to carry out a number of different tasks available on the portal to check that it works as we expect it too, before going live for all customers later in the year.

To register your interest to become part of our testing group, please email: communications@equityhousing.co.uk

Digital by default

In line with our objective to become digital by default and to provide our customers with information digitally, either online or via email, we will be sending the majority of customer communications out to you via email.

We understand that not everyone currently has access to the internet and over the coming months we will be looking at ways in which we can support our customers to ‘get online’, whether that is through our partnerships with other companies such as Fortem, or via our Equity Foundation and investing money in social investment initiatives which will assist.

If we don’t currently have a record of your email address, or if you have recently changed your email address, please let us know by completing the form, we can then update your details and ensure that you receive all relevant information about your tenancy going forward.

Have you given us permission to speak to someone on your behalf?

We know from time to time you may have given us permission to speak to a family member, friend or carer on your behalf. To ensure that we have all of these permissions up to date, we would like to ask you to contact us on 0300 123 4460 to reaffirm this permission.

With consent, we are not able to speak to anyone about your tenancy without prior approval. You may also want to revoke a previously agreed consent, again we would need you to ring us on the number above and revoke this permission.