Repairs and Maintenance Contract

Repair & Maintain is a long-term joint asset management contract between Johnnie Johnson Housing and Equity Housing Group. This means that all your repairs and maintenance services from 17 June 2019 will be carried out by Fortem Solutions Ltd.

Based across the UK, Fortem deliver responsive repairs and voids as part of their core business. Since they were established in 2002, Fortem have provided combined services in people’s homes for over 40 social housing clients across the UK – and now that includes Johnnie Johnson Housing and Equity Housing Group. Through their current partnerships, they annually complete over 400,000 repairs in occupied homes and in addition, they offer an end to end, personally-focused in-home service. Arriving on time and utilising their multi-skilled workforce they always want to achieve first time fixes where practically possible. For more information on Fortem, click here

Repair & Maintain is available to anyone who lives in either a Johnnie Johnson Housing or Equity Housing Group property. There are a range of responsibilities for repairing and maintaining your home. This information is set out in the agreement you sign when you move in to your home. In our Shared Ownership and Leaseholder schemes, some responsibilities for internal repairs may vary and we can talk these through with you if you are unsure.

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