Customer Consultation feedback

As you will be aware we recently carried out a six week customer consultation exercise, asking customers to give their feedback on our potential partnership with Great Places Housing Group.

Under the Tenant Involvement and Empowerment Standard, the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) requires Housing Associations to ensure the consultation process is carried out in a fair, timely, appropriate and effective manner, giving both customers and stakeholders the ability to feedback their comments on the partnership directly to us.

To ensure that we complied with the requirements of the standard we chose to use a number of different methods to communicate the key points of the partnership out to you, our customers.

These were:

  • Personalised letters sent to every Equity customer, accompanied with a copy of the ‘Our Partnership’ brochure, feedback form and a pre-paid envelope
  • Digital newsletter sent via email, including an online feedback form
  • Dedicated web page containing feedback form
  • Dedicated email address –
  • Ability to phone our contact centre to raise their comments directly
  • Text messaging
  • Social media awareness of the timescales and process
  • Direct feedback through their RRM/CRM/RLC

During the six week process, we also held a number of face to face customer roadshows in various Schemes across our three regions.

These events were designed to give customers the opportunity to discuss any questions or queries directly with key members of the Executive teams from both Equity and Great Places.

During the six week consultation process we received a total of 135 customer contacts – 54% from general needs customers and 36% from Shared Owners, 10% didn’t supply us with their addresses.

Responses were able to be broken down further in to the following contacts:

When asking customers to give their feedback, we listed a number of tick boxes and asked customers to select which question best represented their views, having read the ‘Our Partnership’ brochure.

Responses to the four questions were:

As part of the feedback we also asked that you give us any additional comments you may have regarding the partnership.

Common partnership related themes include:

Further reassurance requested around assured tenancies (6 comments).

Reassurance that rent and service charges won’t increase as a result of the Partnership going ahead (10 comments).

Further understanding of what Great Places does and their current service offerings (5 comments).

More understanding of the impact of the partnership on Shared Owners (3 comments).

Where practically possible we have responded directly to customers who raised a concern either in writing or via their Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) or regional teams.

Both Boards have now analysed the responses from customers and this formed part of their final decision to agree to merge with Great Places from 1 April 2020.

You should have received a copy of your Section 48 notice from us, which outlines what will change for you after 1 April 2020 when Great Places becomes your new landlord.