Do you need support with your Council Tax and Universal Credit?

Council Tax Support is another means tested benefit available to help those who are on a low income. It provides financial help towards your Council Tax bill.

Each Local Authority has a scheme unique to their area and the rules vary depending on which Local Authority your property comes under. There are many people who are entitled to Council Tax Support but have to pay something towards their Council Tax bill.

If you are receiving Council Tax Support and are struggling to pay the remainder of your Council Tax bill you may be able to get further financial assistance. Every Local Authority has an exceptional hardship fund to alleviate hardship by reducing the Council Tax bill in exceptional cases.

The funds are not always well advertised and often people are not aware of their availability. If you are experiencing financial difficulty and struggling to pay your Council Tax then contact your Local Authority.

If you need to speak to anyone about Council Tax Support, please contact our Money Advice team on either 0161 486 7684 or email us on

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a means tested welfare benefit for working age customers who are unemployed or on a low income. As part of the Universal Credit programme there is an annual verification process that affects those who are currently claiming this benefit.

If you are claiming Universal Credit you may be asked to re-verify your claim every 12 months. If you fail to do this your Universal Credit claim will be closed down.

You will be sent a (“to do”) task in your Universal Credit account (journal) asking you to confirm your circumstances. If any of the claim details are no longer correct, it will ask you to report a change of circumstances. You would then need to do this within 14 days of the date of the “to do” task.

If you fail to confirm your circumstances then the claim will be suspended on the 15th day and after one calendar month the claim will be terminated. The purpose of the annual verification is to reduce any fraud and / or error in the system.

It is vital to respond to any communication on your Universal Credit account as soon as possible to avoid losing out on money or encountering problems with your claim.

Our Money Advice team is able to support you with your Universal Credit application, you can contact them on 0161 486 7684 or email them directly using