Money Advice Officer

We are lucky enough to have a role within Equity that is completely dedicated to allowing our customers access to free money advice. Over the past year we have helped over 200 of our customers.

Shaheeda Bashir works with those customers who need help with budgeting advice and money management. She can also assist anyone who may need a referral to a local Foodbank.

One of the main aspects of her job is to assist our customers with benefit checks. This may be to check what benefits you are entitled to and then helping you apply, this could include tax credits, personal independence payments or you may require assistance applying for housing benefit or pension credit.

Shaheeda is a qualified debt advisor and is able to renegotiate debt repayments with your creditors. She can also liaise with council tax bailiffs and is able to aid with court fines.

We regularly invest time in Facebook live sessions which enable our customers to ask questions relating to money advice, you can find more information and also view previous sessions on our Facebook page

We also dedicate an entire month each year to money advice. During June we will be offering budgeting sessions and money advice to customers across all our regions. There will also be a number of events throughout the month. Keep an eye on our social media and our website next year for more information.

If you would like more information around the work that Shaheeda does, please visit the dedicated pages on our website or call Shaheeda directly on 0161 486 7684.