What happens next?

Consultation with our customers will continue until the 22 November 2019. At the end of the consultation we’ll report all the feedback we’ve received to Equity’s Board. We will also publish a summary of feedback on our website for you to read.

Within this leaflet we have broken down the stages associated with the partnership process, these key milestones all need to be met to enable the partnership to progress. We will keep customers updated on the progress of the various stages as we go, through our customer newsletter and on our website.

If you refer back to the ‘What are the timescales involved with the partnership?’ section in this leaflet, you will see the timescales of the project and when each of these is expected to be completed by.

Will I be able to see what other customers said?

We’ll publish a summary of customers’ feedback and our responses on our website page as soon as possible after the consultation has ended (22 November 2019). We will endeavour to answer any questions or queries raised by customers in a timely and efficient manner prior to the consultation process closing on Friday 22 November.